Frequently Asked Questions


How does work for users?

User uploads a video clip at The video clip is processed and compared to Google's Content ID database. If there is no match, no policy is applied to the user video and the video is published on YouTube. If there is a match, the video is claimed by the Partner, uploader is notified and the match policy is applied. The user video is monetized with ads or claimed and tracked. The video is then published on YouTube. If the user video is blocked, it will not be viewable on YouTube.

What does do? operates on a non-exclusive basis to complement and enhance your existing digital media business. Our mission is to enhance the value of our members rights in deals that are not adequately covered by existing arrangements and cannot be easily negotiated locally or individually. By acting non-exclusively, we offer independent labels and distributors the flexibility to make decisions that bring the greatest value to their business. negotiates deals on behalf of its members with digital services. Members can choose to participate in our deals on a case-by-case basis. members are responsible for delivering their own content and managing their own marketing. manages all accounting, payments and administrative aspects.

How do we get paid?

The Artist or Label, is entitled to earn 80% of the total revenue generated for all masters delivered to all digital services within the Rightsi network. You, as Artist or Label, will be paid within 45 days from the last day of each quarter with sale statistics and updates for your masters. Your payment, as Artist or Label, will to be paid via PayPal.